making wisdom practical and functional makes me happy

July 2011 008 i’m feeling a bit carefree today…see disappointments don’t have to weigh our hearts down for ever.

emotions will line up with our goals…perspective and hope are such powerful tools. they help the joy take it’s rightful place and help us lighten up so that dealing with the important things in our lives is not such a daunting task.

jan 2012i love to be around otter personalities. like i’ve said before i’m usually the quiet one but from time to time…i will challenge myself to lighten up, push past the shyness and not take myself so seriously. i find it especially helpful after i’ve faced a stressful day like yesterday. now, i’m not really that good at it. that’s why having an otter personality or two around helps to encourage me to step out on the limb…and let my hair down.

2011July 015

being silly helps me remember that life is not all work, stress and difficulty.

laughter does good like medicine….that’s a proverb…you know what? laughter really is good medicine for my heart….i have to say i actually really like the proverbs. i don’t always understand all the “lingo”…so i sit and reflect on them, digging for the practical, golden nuggets i can apply. i really like the thought of being successful at what i do… i really don’t want to waste too much time if what i am doing is not going to work. right? i mean really, what sense does it make to keep doing something that is not working. what’s that saying? the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and again but expecting different results.

i, also,love to read quotes and look for how other people view wisdom. you will notice i am sharing a few of my favorites from time to time.

i decided to add a page to my little blog site here…kind of my down to earth approach to what i see as the practical tips i find in the proverbs…there are hundreds of life tips in there that i’ve found pretty helpful. i invite you to have a look.

if you haven’t had a good laugh in a while…hope the pictures i am sharing today will make you chuckle….

if you’re world seems to be piled sky high with stress, responsibility,and harsh realities…you might need to grab  your most spontaneous “otter” friend and take some medicine…laughter…

if you’re friend is not available…here are some of my favourite comedy movies:


ok, kind of looks like a Steve Martin marathon…what can i say, i’m a fan. then again, i loved lucy, carol burnette, and bill cosby too. now, i’ve dated myself. i enjoy many modern day films as well…but when i need to just have a laugh for silliness sake…well, these are my tried and trues.

tomorrow is a the Queen’s Birthday. NZ is a part of the English commonwealth…we get to celebrate her birthday with her by having the day off…

March 2011 014i will be planning to go play with my grand babies. see you when i see you!

March 2011 024

why not, if i’m being silly…here are their funny faces!

thanks for stopping by,


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