Rock Bottom

“Rock bottom became a solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” -J. K. Rawlings

Kaikora, New Zealand

Cozy Nook

Riverton Beach, New Zealand

We have learned to start over since childhood. Piles of paper crumpled on the floor as we started rewriting an assignment. Rebuilding a sandcastle destroyed by a playful sibling. Or maybe redoing kindergarten to ensure foundational knowledge was gained.

I once tried to cut my own hair. Talk about an epic fail. The stylist told me it looked like it had been cut with a knife and spoon. Thank God for Google because I didn’t give up doing it myself. I needed to start over and gain some skill.

I’ve had to rebuild several times in my lifetime; financially, in love, in career, and physical and emotional health.

I imagine in the darkest hours of one’s life, “begin again” would seem useless or uncaring advice. But it is indeed the answer.

All life challenges bring about an ending–and the chance for a beginning. Starting over produces fear, anxiety and sadness but with the right, solid foundation a new start can bring unimaginable benefits.

For me, faith has been the most solid place to begin to rebuild. From this foundation, I have applied truths of forgiveness, gained courage and reassurance, and applied wisdom for making better decisions than I had previously.

Have you ever had to start over or rebuild in your life? What was the foundation you found most beneficial?

A rock is a symbol of stability, dependability and strength.

When beginning again or rebuilding make sure to check that you are building on a solid foundation.


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