When I Grow Up

This week’s challenge


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:

Black and White


You think that I am just playing as I sit here in your boat

Jake.Ella 004

Too little yet to understand- the way to stay afloat


There’s something that you’re missing


as you watch me filled with cheer


There is purpose in the game I play, the reason is quite clear,


I’m watching now,through tiny eyes, the world that you bestow


“Pull in that line and get on board” is what I’ve often heard


I’m watching every move you make and hearing every word


Preparing now to take my turn to grab onto the wheel


And live the life you taught me to


with hope and love and zeal.

i moved beyond the pain to build…way of life..Forgive

i sat among thorns/insigh from a woman's heart

i sat among the thorns

they pierced my heart

and filled my eyes with tears

my wounded soul would now retain

the wisdom learned for years

anger blinds the eyes to love

revenge too much to pay

a fortress wall to shield the heart

will not remove the pain

pity builds a victim mind

which chains me to deep fear

discomfort stirs my spirit on

and drives me from despair

what’s left behind

i did not need

a shedding of the waste

for only then i start to taste

 the truth i came to know

the thorns were meant

bring to me

damage unrepaired

i moved beyond the pain to build

a gentle place to live

for from my wounded heart

will flow

a way of life…