How to Deal with the “Something’s Missing” Feeling

Do you ever get that “something’s missing” feeling? Or “I’m craving something” feeling but have no idea what it is you want?

I do.

Today I started craving something to eat. Since I have been a bit indulgent lately I thought I would make some kale chips. My daughter put a bunch of kale in my shopping cart the other day and suggested I try to make a healthy snack. Eww! Yuck! I was not craving kale chips!

Over the next several hours I frantically went from one thing to the next attempting to satisfy my insatiable hunger. Nothing was bringing satisfaction to my longing. Exasperated I finally grabbed a glass of water and sat down. I took a sip. Yum! It felt refreshing. I wanted more. I drank it down and wanted even more. So, I refilled the glass and guzzled it down. Each gulp tasted sweet and satisfying. I wasn’t hungry. I was thirsty. My body needed water.

I was content. I was no longer frantically searching for what I was missing.

I find that whole process exhausting! Lol I reach a point where I just want to know – What is it?

I used to be that way with shopping, too. I would feel that needy feeling, hit the shops, spend far too much money and find I still was not satisfied. Then six months down the road I found myself completely frustrated with things I hated, cluttering my space and overwhelmed that I had spent money on things I no longer wanted. Exasperating.

I learned that the reason for the empty feeling was lack of personal value. Money can’t buy that. Accepting myself for the valuable person I am was like my thirsty body drinking in that glass of water today -refreshing and satisfying.

It’s easy to loose our sense of contentment and set out on a frantic treasure hunt. The problem is that we can search for answers in all the wrong places. We search for love with the wrong people. We beg people for answers to our problems. We panic and search and search and search.

Nothing satisfies.

Elizabeth Gilbert explains that the best, most effective way to find or restore contentment is to stop, sit, and be still.




Get still.

In the stillness comes the ability to hear more clearly. In the stillness comes the ability to assess what is real or perceived need. In the stillness comes creativity. In the stillness, contentment and appreciation and gratitude can flood your soul.

And contentment, when it comes, causes that needy, lost feeling to pass.

We are all living in a frantic world. However, it is important to take quiet, still moments in our day to remind ourselves that we already are enough, have enough and have learned enough for this part of the journey.

Do you need to sit and be still? Go ahead…take all the time you need.


(I would like to welcome my friend, Samantha Pearson, and thank her for her photo contribution. I look forward to working with her more in the future.)

don’t wait until life is bigger & better to be happy


Once a fisherman was sitting near the seashore, under the shadow of a tree. Suddenly a rich businessman passing by approached him and enquired as to why he was sitting under a tree not working. To this the poor fisherman replied that he had caught enough fishes for the day.

Hearing this the rich man got angry and said: Why don’t you catch more fishes instead of sitting in the shadow wasting your time?

Fisherman asked: What would I do by catching more fishes?

Businessman: You could catch more fishes, sell them and earn more money, and buy a bigger boat.

Fisherman: What would I do then?

Businessman: You could go fishing in deep waters and catch even more fishes and earn even more money.

Fisherman: What would I do then?

Businessman: You could buy many boats and employ many people to work for you and earn even more money.

Fisherman: What would I do then?

Businessman: You could become a rich businessman like me.

Fisherman: What would I do then?

Businessman: You could then enjoy your life peacefully.

Fisherman: Isn’t that what I am doing now?

Moral – You don’t need to wait for tomorrow to be happy and enjoy your life. You don’t even need to be more rich, more powerful to enjoy life. LIFE is this moment, enjoy it fully.

As some great men have said “My riches consist not in extent of my possessions but in the fewness of my wants”.

Author Unknown

How do you make the most of your life in this moment? I would love to hear from you!

I would be happy to give credit to whom credit is do. If you know the origin of this story, please let me know.