One Word Photo Challenge: Beaver (Color)

 “Yeah, it’s great to have dreams, but you have to work at them to make the real!”

Be prepared to:

  1. Be industrious, a problem solver, resourceful, and never, ever givie up on your dream. 
  2. Be focused, persistence, disciplined, and open to change. Work diligently.
  3. Be willing to play, enjoy, and have fun. Share quality time with family.
  4. Use the tools you have at hand to create what you need and want, beginning with what you have before you, your special gifts.
  5. Defend what you have worked so hard to build.  Trust but remain discerning.
  6. Take one small step at a time to bring the vision to fruition.
  7. Remain balanced. Set your priorities straight.
  8. Be dedicated, loyalt and commited.

One Word Photo Challenge: Beaver

8 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Beaver (Color)

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  2. This photo is so cute. I also thought he looks like a little old man with a scruffy beard. ha

    Thanks so much for following my blog! I hope if you can find the time that you will stop by my page called “Reasons to Smile” and leave a comment. It’s a list of things people are thankful for, just to encourage each other. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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    • He does, doesn’t he?

      I was able to check out your page today. I have to tell you that I think it’s a fabulous idea for encouraging gratitude and help to focus on the positive things in life. Well done, love.

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      • Thank you for your kind compliments and for commenting on the “Reasons to Smile” page! Sometimes we need to help give each other a reality check that life is not just misery and woe; we all have blessings to be thankful for.


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