A Wee Hero in the Family


I am so proud to introduce you to a very special hero today.

This is my nephew Jonathon. He is five years old and a NZ hero this week because he saved his mother’s life.

Neighbor’s, EMT’s and Doctors all report that he gave such clear detailed information (even better than most adults in the midst of trauma situations) that the medical staff were able to save his mother’s life following a seizure she had earlier this week.

This is the story as Jonathon told it to his school principal who in turn posted it on their Facebook page. I hope you enjoy this wonderful story:

“Day 27 – today I’d like to share the story of Jonathan from room 5, and aged five. Dad has assured me it is OK to share this – he is incredibly proud of what Jonathan did. This is the story as Jonathan told it to me. He is an exceptionally articulate young man. He told his story to me with great clarity, detail and in a tight chronological order. About a year ago Jonathan’s mum had a really bad fall at home.. She tripped over something (maybe the cat) and landed very heavily on her head. Her brain then swelled very badly, so badly a part of it had to be cut away. Since then mum could occasionally have a minor seizure.

Jonathan was at home with mum. Mum was in the hall.

Jonathan heard mum start repeating herself. He knew this was a sign a seizure could be coming. Before he could do anything, he saw mum clasp her hands and stretch out her arms in front of her. Her hands were trembling. Mum then fell heavily backwards to the floor.
Jonathan knew he had to get help. He searched for mum’s mobile but could not find it. He then went outside to ask the neighbours for help but then remembered they had moved further down the street recently. He knew it would be safer to go back inside and look for the phone again. He found it, but it had a passcode lock. Jonathan had memorised the code and so unlocked it. He then found the address book, looked up Dad in that and dialled dad’s mobile.
Jonathan explained calmly and clearly what had happened to mum and how she was. He told dad he needed to come home urgently.
Dad hurried home, ringing the neighbours on the way.
He then rang Jonathan back and Jonathan gave him further details, calmly and clearly.
The neighbours rang for an ambulance, but in their nervous state they made mistakes trying to dial it.
Dad and neighbours arrived at the house at the same time. Jonathan again remained calm and when the ambulance arrived, he gave them very clear information about what he had observed. That information made the ambulance crew very worried. The ambulance crew immediately called for another ambulance with very special equipment on board. The first ambulance drove with mum to meet the second ambulance and the new ambulance crew started working on mum with their special equipment at once. Without Jonathan’s explanation, so clearly and carefully explained, his mum would almost certainly have died on the way to the hospital. As it was, it was a very close thing.
At the hospital, Jonathan again explained things to the Doctors and Nurses. They were amazed at how much he remembered and how clearly he explained all that he saw.
Dad said he didn’t even know how to unlock and work mum’s smartphone. The neighbours said they panicked. The ambulance crew said they would have lost mum without Jonathan’s information. The Doctors said quite simply, Jonathan was a hero.
We all agree with their assessment.
He is one amazing young man. Dad has every reason to be so proud.” Western Heights School (Auckland) Facebook Page

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