Wheel (This Is Gonna Be Wheely Good)

When the wheel was invented, it started a revolution.


I might be treading a fine line here,


but I expect this little challenge to be wheely fun. I never get tyred of puns. Hopefully mine won’t leave you flat. 😜 However, I think the pressure is on!Β 

While we’re on a roll…you might as well check out the other entries:

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Wheels

(I think my future in comedy is on the skids! In that case, I better retire now!)


Ok, you guys, are awesome. We are having fun with the whole pun thing. Here is what Janet from This, That and The Other Thing said to me this morning: “Those ARE wheely good and as far as I’m concerned, a good pun never runs out of steam. But it takes training to engineer a good one, otherwise people are always railing at you. πŸ™‚ Janet”.Β Β Pretty clever! Click on the link (Her blog name) and see her contribution to the challenge. Thanks, Janet. Great job!

So, I was thinking…do you have a punny sense of humour?

Share a pun with us in the comments.

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