Things Found In My Kitchen

There are things found in my kitchen, unfamiliar, bizzarre, and abberant.

They kind of freaked me out at first.

I had never seen most of them before much less prepare or eat them; Blackfoot Paua, Crayfish, Home-Kill Lamb, and Whitebait (who eats bait?).

And some things…just do not belong in my kitchen.

Over all, I’ve managed to adapt to these extraordinary things.

But my favorite of things found in the kitchen…

are not things at all but my adorable, little people…my grand kids.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Things Found In A Kitchen

5 thoughts on “Things Found In My Kitchen

    • We have a few ways that we prepare our paua. My favourite is to prepare it like I prepare steak. My husband cleans the paua up, trims the frill off and beats it to a pulp 😉 to tenderise it. Then, I flour it and add spices (as simples as salt and pepper to cajun spices depending on how you like your fish/meat seasoned) and pan fry it or grill it (BBQ it for southern hemisphere readers). My husband likes his paua made into patties or fritters. For this he does all the same prep work as described above but then we mince the paua through a meat grinder add onion, garlic, egg and bacon (someone told us the other day this is a great place to hide veggies for the kids like carrot, potatoes or zucchini-just shred them). Shape them into patties (like hamburgers) or spoon drop them into a fry pan with heated oil and butter. The last way that we prepare them is to do all of the prep work (clean, tenderise) and then we slice the paua very thinly, coat in flour (or corn flour/corn starch) and fry in some onion and garlic with a little salt and pepper. Once it is almost cooked through (2-3 min) we add heavy cream and a little milk to thicken it and it makes a beautiful white sauce. Very easy, quick and delicious! Hope you try it. It’s yummy!

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