Why You Shouldn’t Wish Your Life Away


I grabbed one of these little weeds yesterday and walked out onto the rocks on the beach. My plan was to take some photographs in macro. Then, I planned to blow the seeds and watch them float away (and maybe even make a child-like wish). The rocks were slippery and loose so I was concentrating on my steps. When I finally chose a place to sit, I sat down, and held it up to begin snapping photos. To my surprise, every last little seed had blown away with the movements I made as I held it in the wind.

I sat down and laughed. I thought, “That’s about right.”

How often do you wished for something you strongly desire in your life?

Did you know that to make a wish is to feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that cannot or probably will not happen?

This is a very good reason not to rely on wishes. You could easily wish your life away and never accomplish your heart’s desires.

I remember as a child wishing on a star for things like love or to pass an exam or that my punishment for wrong behaviour would not happen.

I was relying on wishes when the ability to make things happen was well within my own power.

If I want love…I must love.

If I want to pass an exam or do well in a task…I must study and apply excellence to what I am doing.

If I do not want punishment, I must behave ;-).

Doing…(putting action to) the desire is the key.

Otherwise, my hope is never going to be realized.

We all have things that we want to see happen in life. Relationships maintained or restored. Success in what we endeavour to do. Change in behaviour, lifestyle or habits.

All are within reach. In time.

But we must stop wishing that life will change.

We must do the things that bring the desired results.

I was really happy with this photograph and my plan was to offer you a wish for a great day or week…

However, I believe that you can make this day the best it can be. You can face the challenges. You can make simple changes that will create the best results.

We shouldn’t wish our lives away because wishes are only a strong expression of desires that cannot or probably will not come true. For my life, that just won’t do…

How about you? What can you MAKE happen today? What can you do to move forward in your journey toward your life’s purpose and the desires of your heart?

Let’s do it!

What to do you say?


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