Poppy Vibrance





Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Vibrant Colors

7 thoughts on “Poppy Vibrance

  1. It seems that I do not see too many poppies in posts – and so this was fun for the fresh factor. But also your angles and different takes really show this flower’s glory. Like the way you caught some back light in the last two pics – and the diff angles – so nice. and just love the color – perfect for the challenge 🙂


    • I really like poppies. I have driven past this little garden serval times in a rush somewhere and actually thought it was expiring tulips. I was delighted to discover them to be poppies. I am still learning about photography but read recently about getting low and getting shots from underneath flowers. If the grass hadn’t been wet, I’d have been laying in the grass experimenting…but was happy with the outcome of what I did get. Thank you!


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