Kind Words Echo Endlessly


Have you ever had to bite your tongue in order to prevent yourself saying something that just didn’t need to be said?

Or do you believe that it’s important to say everything you think?

Kind words?

Or harsh?

Which do you want echoing endlessly in the hearts of the people you meet?

If you choose kind words (and might I add actions because I believe actions ripple), the choice is not about the other person, the circumstance or situation.

I understand that sometimes we must confront difficult situations. I’m not saying remain silent. However, the outcome is effected by how you go about the confrontation. You can be firm without being destructive.

Mother Teresa’s words often echo in my heart. Her words help me see how she kept her focus on her purpose, her life’s work and what she valued. They are speaking to me (and millions of others) long after the years she spent on earth.

Sadly, I am aware that I have echoes that I wish I had not sent out.

We can’t change the past but we can be more mindful of our future.

Words do matter…to others

But more importantly…to you and your journey.

Happy journeying,

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