proof that King Solomon was not a morning person

20140227-231217.jpgis your “happy” too loud?

in the heart warming movie, We Bought A Zoo, Rosie can’t sleep because of the night owls’ party next door. she tells her daddy that she can’t sleep because, “their happy is too loud”.

i love that.

by the way, they don’t try to turn the happy down either.

i’m a night owl. always have been.

so, when i read proverbs 27 tonight, i had to giggle as i thought,

“King Solomon might not have been a morning person”!

i could relate to his wisdom on this one…

early birds and morning people are so chirpy and cheerful. their “happy” is loud!

but actually…although frustrating (sometimes)…it’s pretty cool!

so, no grumpy night owl here…go ahead…

Be happy!

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