don’t stop reaching or stretching

i have had a big week, how about you? some good news, some not so much. i suppose that is how life goes. sometimes it can feel like a roller coaster.

getting on a roller coaster at an amusement park can stretch you…push you…cause you to dig deep.

should i? shouldn’t i?

eventually…you go for it…heart pounding.

are you the type of person who reaches for the sky, goes with the turns & ups and downs, squealing with delight?

at the end of the ride, emerging with a shout, “that was awesome!” proud that you set fear aside and lived through the thrill – braver than when you got on?

you did it!

you stretched beyond your limit of fear!

do it with life as well…

reach for the sky…

go with it…turns and all…

squeal in delight…

emerge…happier, braver, accomplished!

you did it…again!

yes, you did!

do something surprising everyday. stretch your limits…



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