tell them…

my beautiful daughter. she makes me laugh. she warms my heart.

my beautiful daughter. she makes me laugh. she warms my heart.


the other day, the opportunity was present for me to share the impact a lovely woman from my college days left imprinted on my life. i spoke generically to begin. however, it occurred to me that i should provide a few details. it’s too easy to pass the moment too quickly and appear insincere. i was amazed at her reaction. it reminded me that we woman under estimate ourselves. it’s nice to be reminded that we matter to others. she expressed that often she was unaware of the impact she might be having. i began to think of the many women who have come in and out of my life. after the busy day i have had today, time does not allow me to complete the impacts 2 post I had planned to write (i’ve prioritized and moved it to tomorrow’s schedule). while i have been blogging this week about why i do the things i do, the women who have impacted my life in so many wonderful ways have been flooding my memories. today, busy and going about the life i am living in 2013, the evidence of those impacts speak loudly from the abundance of my heart. tonight, i’m encouraged and inspired by the echoes from my past. if you hear similar echoes from deep inside your heart…tell them. inspire those women to see their significance. both of you will smile. i promise.

let me know how it goes…it would love to hear.


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