there is new mercy available every morning


“His love never ceases; his mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning…”

i was standing in line at the grocery store the other day daydreaming and in my own little world. the cashier and her customer were talking away. i noticed the cashier’s countenance drop. as i watched, i witnessed great sadness come over her.

i began to listen.

what i gathered was that her son had been involved in some trouble and the customer did not approve.

when i stepped to the counter, the cashier apologized and commented that having a mother’s heart, she found that conversation difficult. she explained that her son had done something really bad, was accepting his punishment and the customer that just left felt like her son didn’t look sorry enough.

she was crushed.

i encouraged her and left the store.

i couldn’t get this woman and her child out if my mind.

i don’t know about you, but i have needed mercy many times in my life; from God, my family, friends, and strangers. i desperately wish i didn’t make mistakes, make wrong choices, say the wrong things, or any of the countless things in my life that require that someone grant me mercy, but … I do.

i have needed to know that mercy would be offered to me. at times, i have been desperate for it.

mercy is so vital.

i needed milk last night, so i popped down to the shop.

as i turned the corner of the isle i was greeted by this woman. so, i stopped and asked how her son was. despair was still in her eyes.

i shared with her how mercy is renewed every morning and although consequences follow bad choices, it’s not necessary to walk around “looking sorry” (which is shame).

i watched the despair leave her eyes and her heart. she thanked me and she walked away visibly encouraged.

if you have ever experienced mercy, you can relate to what she was feeling.

it’s too easy to forget what a miracle mercy is. however, someone needs for you to remember and extend mercy their way.

or maybe you are in the midst of a situation right now and you need someone to extend mercy your way.

don’t despair.

accept responsibility.

face the consequences.

apply wisdom.

but don’t tie yourself to shame.

mercy is new every morning.