Life Is A Mixture

Life is a mixture of sunshine and rain, teardrops and laughter, pleasure and pain.

2015/01/img_2646.jpgRemember, there was never a cloud that the sun wouldn’t shine through. -unknown

2015/01/img_2647.jpgCee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Weather

Dr Seuss Has Been In The Garden

Springtime has everything bursting forth with color and life all around me.

Cee’s black and white photo challenge this week asked us to take a few steps and capture what we saw.

This plant made me think that Dr. Seuss might have been in the garden.

Have a great week.



Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Patterns


IMG_6776.JPGflower, “red-hot fire poker”

IMG_6785.JPGsunset from the patio


Reflections and Self Worth

IMG_8745.JPGReflections represent an original. The reflections of our mind recall past events, images and experiences. The reflection of water, mirrors or metallic surfaces project an image through a filter of light and surface. The reflection of character, behaviours and achievements provide insight to the inner person.

IMG_8744.JPGThe quality of the reflection depends strongly on the clarity of the surface being used to produce the reflection.

Looking for a reflection of our self-worth and value from another person is like looking into a cracked mirror in order to access our appearance. Hurting souls can reflect brokenness and pain. Therefore, allowing our self-worth and value to depend on the perception others reflect back to us is unhealthy. When someone we love treats us in an unloving way for prolonged amounts of time, there is a tendency to view ourselves as unlovable. Yet, the reflection is distorted. Their broken heart will not provide an accurate reflection of love.

Nor will young women find their body image correctly reflected through trends, magazines or movie stars. When I view my short legs, thick thighs and curvy structure to the model industry standard, I will always come up wanting. The key is to shape the view of my body on a true reflection.

Our mind sees what it believes, according to the Discovery Channel. I have known many beautiful women who could not see their beautiful uniqueness because of their belief based on external reflections. Those reflections tormented and haunted them to the point of misery.

Reflections are a tool…only a tool. They can help us repair, adjust, fix, or improve the original but they are never intended to be the truest representation of the original.

IMG_8746.JPGThe still water serves as a mirror for the tree, and its reflection is what makes the photograph sing. -unknown

The image sings only because of the stillness of the water.

IMG_8747.JPGSamantha Pearson is a contributing photographer for my blog. Although, I did not take this photo, it demonstrates my point about reflections. The beautiful sculpture is reflecting it’s surroundings yet the snow and the curvature of the piece distort the images it portrays. The truest beauty can be seen by simply turning from the reflection to the original.

In my journey, I have learned the value in turning from distorted reflections to look at the original standard for which I was created. Only then can I be the singing image that portrays that I was fearfully and wonderfully made.


Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Reflections and Shadows

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Candid Photography




Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Candid Photography
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Seating

Cee’s Photography has challenged us to share black and white seating photos this week.


Come in and sit a spell!

This old southern saying is a welcoming invitation to feel free to come, rest and relax for a little while.

When the world is frantic and busy…take a moment…sit…rest.

When answers elude…sit…quietly, mediating, praying or just being.

When your heart is weary and broken…sit…share.

When you have achieved a goal…take a seat of honor…celebrate.

When you are feeling adventurous… sit…sit? Absolutely! Feel the wind in your hair, the thrill and anticipation- but hold onto your seat because the ride might just take your breath away.

Take your pick.

Quiet seating

Fun seating

Friendship seating

Accomplishment seating

Restful seating

Or community seating

Take a load off

Recharge the body

Refresh the soul

Stay for awhile

And then off you go!

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Seating