Happy Place


 Unequivocally, the beach is my favorite happy place. I have others like spending time here. Family. Friends. Photography. All of which, I’ve been struggling to get to for one reason or another. 

I’m at a place on my journey where I’ve needed to reach for my teachers and learn.

I’ve managed to stay seated and focused. You see, I’m the type of personality that hears a little and wants to jump up and do something with it. But I resisted this time. 

Until today.

I was listening to one of my teachers and she shared the wisdom I have been searching for.

Nothing earth shaking by any means.

Stay focused on your core values.

Work your butt off preparing.

Show up.

Trust God.


Serve. Serve the one, the two, the thousand. Serve them all the same by

Giving yourself.

You know what? I’ve been doing that.

Exactly that. Every single day.

And I allowed one voice to convince me that it wasn’t enough.

One voice.

This time, it wasn’t even my voice.

And I just need to do it, eh?

Yes, sometimes I need to hear it about a gazillion times.

Today, I’m doing my best Taylor Swift impression and “Shaking it off”. 

Since the weather is preventing me from getting to the beach…

My happy place today is with you!

Do you need to know that “You are enough?” 

Believe me, You are! More than!


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