Babies, Babies, Babies

My daughter is due at the end of June. I will be a Grandmommie again. That is fun and exciting to me. What I can’t figure out is how my baby grew up so quickly. I know a lot of mothers ask that question. I’m no different. It seems like I blinked and she became a beautiful woman with a family of her own. Life truly is a miracle.

We decided to give taking baby bump photos ago yesterday.

And then we played with the editing. This one I will enter into Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Take A New Photo. Cee, I hope you don’t mind that I coupled the challenge with my color photo’s.

We even threw a few fall leaves around but we unfortunately didn’t capture any in the air…maybe next time.

11 thoughts on “Babies, Babies, Babies

  1. congratulations! Our children grow so fast, mine will soon be leaving the nest, and I have mixed feelings about it. On the one side I want them to go out and explore the world, on the other want to hold on to them forever!

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    • That truly is a mother’s heart to want both for our children. It can be especially hard if they spread their wings and are far away. But it is amazing to watch them bloom into beautiful adults and feel the shift in relationship. That may sound strange but the day I realised that I wasn’t the one responsible anymore and allowed my daughter to take her life into her own hands -while on stand-by if I was needed- a new relationship emerged that I wasn’t quite expecting. I was so used to being the driving force for keeping life moving forward (😀as we mommas are) and the conflict that sometimes arises with teenagers. But this new, adult relationship was as heart-satisfying as motherhood had been.

      Then there is the empty nest! Once you adjust to the fact that you don’t have all your time filled with the children’s needs…it’s quite a fun time of life.

      Oh, and grand babies are fabulous!

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