The Land of The Long White Cloud


The common translation is “the land of the long white cloud”. 

In some traditional stories, Aotearoa was the name of the canoe of the explorer Kupe, and he named the land after it. Kupe’s wife (in some versions, his daughter) was watching the horizon and called “He ao! He ao!” (“a cloud! a cloud!”). Other versions say the canoe was guided by a long white cloud in the course of the day and by a long bright cloud at night. On arrival, the sign of land to Kupe’s crew was the long cloud hanging over it.

As I scroll my thousands photos, I discover that most contain a cloud of some sort in the beautiful NZ sky.  

One Word Photo Challenge: Cloudy

13 thoughts on “The Land of The Long White Cloud

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    • Thank you. When I thought about the challenge I thought I had nothing to contribute…funny how we miss details when we’re not look g closely enough…then I realised so many of my photographs contain clouds. Lol


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