Chocolate, Aggression and Seals

deeclarknz.comAren’t they adorable? I couldn’t wait to get down on the rocks when I first visited KaiKora and saw the seal colonies. After all, every time I visited Seaworld or a zoo, the trainers were up close playing catch with beach balls, having a great time. I wanted that experience. I bounced out of the car with my camera ready only to be stopped in my tracks, “Don’t go down there. They look cute but they are dangerous. They move fast and they will attack you! Plus there are babies down there and the momma seals will be protective.”

They look so cute and cuddly.

Go inside their space without permission and you are effectively invading their comfort zone.

I get it.

I’m cute and cuddly, too, but…

Don’t touch my dessert. Especially without permission. Seriously,  you might a fork stuck in the back of your hand. I might give you a bite if you ask, but don’t just come up and take it. It makes me see red.

Am I the only one like that? Drives me crazy.

My friend had been on a diet a few years back. She had reached her goal and had a piece of chocolate cake that she had saved a her reward. My husband arrived for a morning coffee and she was explaining her plan to sit and savour every last bite of this decadent, chocolatey indulgence.  My husband is quite the joker (but I think he’s learning it’s not always as funny in reality as he sees it in his head). When she turned to pour his coffee, he shoved the entire piece of cake into his mouth. He doesn’t even like chocolate cake. But he thought it would be funny. She turned around to hand him his coffee and saw the empty plate and his bulging cheeks…and it was on! I don’t blame her. I’m surprised he didn’t end up wearing that hot coffee! Don’t mess with us women and our chocolate cake!

And because I’m like that with MY dessert, I can understand the seals wouldn’t want me all up in their faces or around their  young or near their food.

I can respect a healthy boundary.

Women with chocolate have something in common with chocolate coloured seals…don’t mess with us!

This is my entry for the One Word Photo Challenge: Chocolate be sure to check out the other entries!




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