the price of success

20140216-175123.jpgthere are days when working toward a successful outcome is exhausting.

when i turned 40 i entered a triathlon with my best friend. we ran, swam and rode our bikes several miles a week in preparation.

there were training mornings that i wanted to cover my head with my blankets and go back to sleep. yet, I was dedicated to the goal I had set to do something beyond my abilities to mark this time in my life.

knowing that i am not a strong swimmer combined with my great fear of the water, i decided that i would swim the back stroke on the swimming leg of the triathlon. i had never witnessed anyone swim the back stroke in a triathlon. however, in order to reach my goal of a successful finish, i knew i had to take a different approach.

it was not going to make me the winner of my age bracket, but it was the stroke that i could make my best effort at swimming.

success for me was the goal of crossing the finish line having completed all three legs of the event.

this goal was aimed at pushing myself past my comfort zone, to work hard to accomplish a task that required great effort both mentally and physically and experience the satisfaction of finishing.

the price of success is hard work, dedication and determination. the reward of applying the best of ourselves to the task at hand makes the price a valuable exchange.

success isn’t handed to us. many times success proceeds from a string of failures. determination to keep giving the best we have to give as we learn from the failures, provokes us to keep going until the goal is attained.

is the price of success worth the reward?

most definately!

work hard, be dedicated, stay determined… succeed.


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