Be positive and enthusiastic

20131024-153324.jpgwe all know negative people.

but i don’t want to be that person.

i have given myself a goal over the past few months and when I saw Zig Ziglar’s quote, it summed it up for me. my goal is to be as positive as i can be each day no matter the circumstances.

even difficult days are more bearable when i approach it with faith, hope and a positive outlook.

there are times when i have had to shrug my shoulders and understand that i can not change my circumstance. however, i have noticed that i am more creative, i think clearer and generally get through the hardship with my emotions in tact because i am not reverting to hopelessness, negativity or out of control emotions.

sometimes…things change.

sometimes…they don’t…but tomorrow comes and there are brand new opportunities!

sometimes…endurance, long suffering and patience are required.

with every step of the way, implementing my goal has made my life more enjoyable. plus, i think, positive attitudes are very contagious!

the other day, my car was getting a new computer part (that cost me a bundle), i had to spend the day in town and walk everywhere i went.

now that could have been a draining day!

so, i made an adventure out of it.

first, no crying over the repair cost…i chose to drive a car with expensive repair parts. my decision. my consequence. so, i might as well smile as i hand over the cash because i smile hugely when i’m enjoying the drive with the top down! attitude adjusted.

secondly, i decided that because i was in town with no escape…it was perfect timing for visiting all the specialty stores that i never have time to browse through. YAY!

thirdly, i was on foot all day. exercise! i put on my comfy jeans, and tennis shoes -instead of heels and fashion wear! funny story on this note: driving to town, i heard the radio dj talking about non-cool attire. he warned against “sneans” which he explained was blue jeans and white sneakers. i laughed out loud! Yip, i was in sneans! oh well!

back to my blog, i also decided that since i was walking every where that i would take the opportunity to speak to or smile at everyone i passed. i was walking, and talking to people and smiling all day long. the further i walked….the cheerier i became.

it was fabulous! i had a great day!

i could have gone home moaning and grumpy…instead…i was positive and enthusiastic when i arrived home. even the hubby noticed.

so, don’t be that person who never sees the bright side if life! not for other people…

for you!

would you like to except the challenge and see if you can be the most positive and enthusiastic person you know?

if so, get ready to enjoy life more!

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