don’t choke

20131016-181919.jpgthere are a lot of quotes out that tell us not to give up when others are not thrilled about our gifts, success or journey.

it is your journey…and should be carefully planned and plotted as you are directed to do it.

in NZ it’s called the “tall poppy syndrome” when someone sees you doing and succeeding at your thang and they criticize, put you down or are negative.

no one knows what it is like to walk in your shoes, what you have gone through to get to where you are on your journey or what it has cost you,

i heard John Steele say this quote this week and i thought it was great….don’t choke on the dust that others kick up.

keep doing what wisdom directs you to do…

be the best you can be!

never stop.

4 thoughts on “don’t choke

  1. There are two kinds of ‘achiever’ in life:
    1. Those who shine in the light of their own virtue.
    2. Those who extinguish the light of others in the vain hope that their own feeble little wick will appear brighter.


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